Whatis ECOLO?

ECOLO is a sustainable goods e-commerce marketplace. It is an online platform that offers sustainable and environmentally friendly products from selected different vendors to consumers. These products are environment-friendly, ethically-made, and/or socially responsible. These products range from clothing and accessories, home goods, home decor & personal care products and other products that promote sustainability.

How do you ensure that products sold on the platform are sustainable?

ECOLO Store has a predefined selection criteria including but not limited to parameters related to material used, product lifecycle, product recycling and processes involved. We also look out for like minded people for doing business before on-boarding any of our new vendor.

Whatare some benefits of using ECOLO?

Using a sustainable goods e-commerce marketplace promotes sustainable living and reduces the environmental impact of consumerism. It also supports small businesses and encourages the growth of sustainable industries. Additionally, the marketplace offers consumers a convenient way to shop for sustainable products.

What types of products are being sold on ECOLO?

ECOLO ecommerce marketplaces typically offer a wide range of products, including clothing and accessories, home goods, home decor & personal care products, and more. These products are often made using eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton or bamboo, Coconuts & other sustainable / earth approved materials and may have been be produced using sustainable and/or ethical practices.

CanI sell my sustainable products on ECOLO?

Yes. Please click on “Join As a Vendor” button on desktop screen or select “Join As a Vendor” menu from drop-down menu. Please fill in the relevant data and we shall get back to you shortly.

How does the marketplace ensure that products are shipped in anenvironmentally-friendly manner?

The ECOLO enforces vendors to use environmentally-friendly shipping materials and methods, such as recycled and recyclable packaging.

How does the marketplace handle return and exchanges of sustainable products?

ECOLO Store has a clear policy on returns and exchanges. Return and Exchange can only be processed within 7 days after the delivery. You can refer the policy here.

What are some challenges of operating a sustainable goods e-commercemarketplace?

One challenge is ensuring that all vendors meet the sustainability standards and maintaining the integrity of the Store. Another challenge is competing with larger e-commerce platforms that may offer cheaper, less sustainable products. Additionally, ensuring that all products are shipped in an environmentally-friendly manner can be difficult.

Isit more expensive to buy sustainable products?

Sustainable products can sometimes be more expensive than their conventional counterparts, but this is not always the case. In some cases, sustainable products may actually be more affordable, particularly if they are produced using local materials and labor. Additionally, buying high-quality sustainable products may actually be more cost-effective in the long run, as they often last longer and require less frequent replacement.