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Utsav - Bamboo Utility Box

Utsav - Bamboo Utility Box

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Product Specifications :

  • Dimensions - Length 18cm :: Breadth 18cm :: Height 8cm
  • Shape - Round
  • Materials Used - Bamboo
  • Inclusions - Box and Lid
  • Handicraft Forms - Bamboo Weaving from West Bengal
  • Art Form- Pattachitra folk art from West Bengal
  • Utsav - meaning festival in Hindi. The motif on the box depicts people heady in celebration, with images of traditional instruments and joyous facial expressions.
  • Paintings with such cheerful representations are a great addition to your home and bring about a positive influence with them. They also make auspicious gifts.
  • Indigenous to the eastern Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha, the folk art form of Pattachitra is a reflection of India’s glorious past.The artists - who are called Patuas - have immortalised religious, mythical, and folklore instances in scrolls of fabric. They use bright bold natural colours and a distinctive art style that is rooted in rural tradition. In a traditional performance, the Patuas unfurl the scroll as they sing their Pater Gaan and mesmerise the audience as they transport them to a land of myth and legends.
  • Our bamboo boxes are hand-woven by generational artists from Malda, one of West Bengal’s celebrated districts for handiwork and craftsmanship. The intricately woven lid of the box is then individually hand-painted with vibrant Pattachitra motifs.
  • Our products are vegan and pet-friendly. They also come in eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable packaging.
  • We boast a complete range of handmade products. The Pattachitra Bamboo Boxes are crafted by skilled artisans and painted by elite, heritage painters. They add the perfect touch to your home.

Care Instructions : 

  • Keep away from flammable items
  • Store in a cool and dry place

*Our products are individually handcrafted and hand-painted. Therefore, they might not be identical as they are not mass-produced. The differences in them are not flaws; but evidence that dedicated people have worked on your product with utmost love, care, and sincerity.

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